With the incredible growth of the digital industry, a range of new and specialised roles have simultaneously emerged. Digital marketing is sure to be a field of significant growth in the coming years and the expectation that digital marketing budgets are also predicted to grow is good news for those wanting to forge a career in digital.

Digital industry recruitment specialists, Just Digital People, know that although the market is hot, there are particular things that you can do to favourably present yourself to prospective employers. If you have aspirations of a career in digital, it’s important to know and understand the industry before committing to a decision. Here are some good pointers:

1. Gain hands-on experience in the digital industry

Although a degree is important, candidates with direct digital experience are most appealing to employers. Experience can come in a variety of forms, including previous employment, work experience, an internship or perhaps even a side project.

Experience in the digital industry, particularly for those who have never worked in the industry before, gives employers the confidence that you have an appreciation of the demands of the field. Most importantly, the exposure helps you decide whether a career in digital really is right for you.

2. Speak the language

If you are well-matched to a career in digital, you will be committed to learning the language of the industry and will love doing so! Knowing and loving the jargon of the industry is pivotal to your success in a variety of digital roles.

Of course, learning and becoming a proficient communicator using digital language will take time but when equipped with this knowledge, you give yourself a distinct advantage over others competing for entry into a digital career.

3. Carefully craft your online presence

If you are suited to a career in digital, you will know the importance of brand. This extends to your own brand. In the digital industry employers are interested in whether you have a strong online following and that you can build your personal brand. Ultimately, you need to show that you are capable of building your own personal brand online before you can create, develop and maintain that of a business.

In this day and age, the value of your online personal brand is often defined as social currency and increasing the value of your online brand can be compared to having a great resume.

4. A career in digital offers many different paths

One of the most appealing things about a career in digital is that multiple career paths are available.

To know which you would like to pursue, it is a good idea to try a few different areas. For example, if you gain digital marketing experience at an agency, you may be exposed to a range of digital marketing areas, including: social media, mobile and paid search marketing.

When you have had exposure to different paths in the industry, you will be better positioned to select a more specialised career path. By specialising in a particular area of the digital industry and refining your skills, you are more likely to be acknowledged as an expert – an advantage that attracts prospective employers.

5. Interact offline too

While a career in the digital industry is primarily about being online, it’s useful to talk to others, network and attend relevant events.

Conferences offer a great way to connect and by creating good relationships with contacts, you have a network of people to share with, consult and be made aware of all sorts of opportunities. If you are comfortable networking and interacting in person, as well as online, a career in digital may be right for you.

A career in the digital industry offers some exciting possibilities. The industry is certainly dynamic. There is a range of things that you can do to determine your suitability to a career in digital and to improve your employment prospects.