The Pinoy Teens duo, Georg Kevin and Princess Jenina (that’s me) will head to General Santos City for the second edition of the oh so epic BlogFest 2.0! And this time? It’s a go!

Before BLOGFEST 2.0…

Kevin was really disappointed when he happily blogged about attending the Mindanao Bloggers Summit which took place last weekend… because he didn’t make it. Personal issues, specifically financial issues came along at such untimely fashion.

His mother asked him to choose whether he is to attend the Mindanao Bloggers Summit or the BlogFest 2.0. It has been a very tough decision for him, because he already confirmed and blogged a few times about MBS5, yet he ended up ditching MBS5 for BlogFest. Kevin’s ultimate reason was not because he favors BlogFest all the way, but because of all the hassle he would have gone through had he chosen MBS5. It was just 18 hours before the Summit when his mother asked him about his choice; besides, we’ve really been in some sort of financial struggle that very moment.

BlogFest the second time around.

The Philippines may have to skip a year on the WordCamp Calendar, but here we have BlogFest compensate that hole left for those who wished to have a WordCamp. It’s going to be one epic day with bloggers from all over Mindanao and probably bloggers from other places like Luzon and Visayas flocking in as well.

It is going to be only the second time that this blogging event is to be held, but it looks promising and exciting as ever! Well I think so probably because this is my very first blogging event! Indeed, I have been to smaller gatherings, a few press conferences, product launches, but like Kevin said last year: “Nothing beats an event organized by the SoxBloggers”. That bold statement only makes me conclude that this is it, this is certainly going to be the funnest day of my blogging career this year!

Seeing Bloggers from all over the place.

Well, I have been blog hopping very often in the past few weeks. Personal blogs and food blogs rank among the favorite niches I read about. You could almost consider me stalker who reads through every post of :p

Reading personal blogs day in and day out gives you the feeling of being close to the writer of that blog; especially if the person responds to your comments. Yet it’s something totally different meeting these people in person, hence that’s exactly what I’m looking forward to do 🙂

IF IT SO HAPPENS that you are a blogger or someone who wants to start out with blogging who has not yet registered for BlogFest 2.0 [are you living under a rock? :p], do so now! Because this is for certain the biggest event of the remaining months of this year that you don’t want to miss! Meet the greats of the Mindanao Blogging Scene and get a sneak peek at some of the top blogs during the Philippine Blog Awards Mindanao Awarding after the BlogFest!

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