If you’re still a College Student, you stand the chance to become the next Google Student Ambassador

Google is always looking for Students with excellent leadership skills and who are very enthusiastic and passionate about technology and innovation – just like they are.

As a Google Student Ambassador, you have the big opportunity to close the gap between your College or University with Google. Start hosting Google related events at your school. Bring in top speakers from all over the place for your big Google gig, and you, yourself may get to enjoy one or two events hosted by Google for all its GSA’s (Google Student Ambassadors) from around the world.

Google Student Ambassador Program

Google Student Ambassador Program

There are many perks that go along with being a Student Ambassador for Google. Some of them are listed below as posted on the Google in Education page.

  • Learn about innovative Google products and programs.
  • Plan and host fun events on campus.
  • Act as a campus contact for Google teams.
  • Help Google better understand each university’s culture.

In order for you to qualify to as Google Student Ambassador to your school or university, you should be able to meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in full-time undergraduate/postgraduate study
  • Available 10 hours per month to spend on Google evangelist work
  • Familiar with Google products including but not limited to Google Docs, Chrome, Search, and YouTube
  • An active Google+ user
  • Involved with student organizations and activities

The Google Student Ambassador program is currently not seeking for new Ambassadors. We will, however, blog about any updates when Google starts looking for new Student Ambassadors next school year!

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