The historic moment that is said-to-be one of the key factors to contribute positive change in the United States, and the world in general. The Inauguration of the first black (american, african) President of the United States of America, the 44th President, Barack Obama.

I have been watching the coverage via the kind courtesy of CNN that has also been broadcasting the event online (I watched the television broadcast).

The event was a few minutes off-pace and behind schedule but everything went smooth and nicely. It’s definitely one of the most, if not, the most watched television broadcasts in world history, where more than millions of people are expected to be watching it at their homes and around two million people from around the world in attendance at the Capitol, Washington.

Let’s see whether the newly sworn in President Barack Obama can bring about the change that he has been promising the citizens of America and whether he can stand the challenges in the field of economy and many other aspects. May the people pro and con his administration give him some time to get his plans and projects going in the next couple of weeks and let’s all recall this moment again in a couple of weeks, thinking back whether he has achieved what was expected for him or drew the shorter.

I personally believe in Barack Obama, that’s why I have been watching the Barack Obama Inauguration until this very moment (1AM PH ). And will keep watch for the next few minutes.

Update: Barack Obama has just been sworn in as President while I was editing the post.