Problems could not just stop piling up, huh? We’ve got a new issue here on Pinoy Teens, the blog is banned or just suspended from appearing in Google Search and that after a thorough search analysis for our dominant keywords were we are not appearing anymore. Traffic volume has decreased by over ninety percent from a stable 8,000 last week down to a below average standard of 600 each for the past two days.

I wonder if Entrecard has to deal with the traffic drop, since I have not been completing my traffic list for some time now, but this still doesn’t adds reason to the removal of Pinoy Teens in the Google Search which has cost more than thousands of visitors and a loss of over 30 US Dollar in Adsense if we suppose that the income volume will remain stable like the past two days before this issue has started.

I so wanted to start blogging again right after the preliminary or even before it and use the blog as a medium for review, but I guess I have to reach out to the orthodox way of learning after we vanished from the Google Search.

It sounds a bit funny but about exactly a year ago the same thing has happened to this blog when we have been removed from major search engines which took about a month to cope with, of course, this does not sounds good at especially with the UAAP opening ahead of us this weekend that we have been excited to report about for months already with a lot of talks and speculations already going on between our own circle of friends.