The troop revolving playboy, billionaire, philanthropist Tony Stark, the Avengers stormed the movie boxes in a way unlike any other movie – except for two – have done. It’s official, the most anticipated and hyped movie for 2012, Avengers is the third highest grossing movie of all time – just lagging behind Avatar and Titanic respectively.

There’s been a huge dispute going on, whether the Marvel Team can match Batman all alone with his upcoming movie, The Dark Knight Rises – it’s pretty clear now that it’s a tough job for Batman to beat The Avengers Movie as one of the highest grossing films to-date.

Nevertheless, many people believe that it’s a quite unfair comparison between the lone Batman against some of the most popular Marvel Heroes in the likes of The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye and the sexy Black Widow.

Can Batman beat the Avengers?

Though it’s arguable that quality-wise, Batman is able to match or even surpass the standards set by The Avengers. The witty script of the latter makes people expect an even more en grande one from The Dark Knight Rises. Something I give the movie a benefit of doubt for achieving.

What’s quite unlikely though is having The Dark Knight Rises see off The Avengers as the third highest grossing movie. Maybe Bruce Wayne can prove me wrong!

What do you think?

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