Another epic battle is scheduled for this afternoon’s delight. The arch-rivals Ateneo de Manila University and de La Salle University will meet for the first time in this 71st UAAP conference, which has just kicked things off yesterday.

Both teams are competitive for the win, and even for the title, but like in every other game, there can only be 1 winner, and who will be the winner among them?

The Advantage of the Archers

Being the defending champions of last year’s season, the Green Archers are up for a tight clash in defendingGreen Archers their title against all odds and all enemies. Will the outstanding trademark defense of the La Salle Squad payoff this year? Having the aces Casio and Meirhofer around, will be a great plus for them. Including the great asset of having one of the best coaches, if not the best UAAP coach up-to-date guiding them through every ball game with his systematic strategies that always payoff.

Are these facts good enough for the win?

The Blue EagBlue Eaglesles soaring high!

In terms of media and promotion, Ateneo de Manila is currently one of the hottest squads when it comes to quality rookie players of some quality. But with Buenafe as one of the only rookies to have stand out during their summer league victory, it’ll be a quiet difficult match for them to coupe as. As they need to be a team, a quick team, which they are not (from my point of view). Winning a match takes more than just a Chris Tiu show, everyone should participate and contribute to the victory, else, they’ll fail.

If I where to ask you (which I really do now) who among the two teams will prevail and succeed? And who will become the key player of this game? Don’t forget, it’ll be 4 in the afternoon, the Eagles vs the Archers!