Pinoy Teens Online will soon be one year old, which is quiet a vast achievement for all of us, especially the mastermind of the whole organization. We haven’t thought that we could reach this far, we never imagined that out of a little online community a resource blog like this would be the outcome.

We have been through a lot of restarts, conflicts and happy memories, everything has happened for a reason, and I am thankful for everything that has happened to Pinoy Teens these past months. Having the community unstable, it was still able to manage to keep the traffic coming and the review written which really helped in the survival of this blog in the blogoshpere and search engine battles.

So, as a little tributte, we’d like to announce that we are having another domain competition going on, yes, another competition in which you may win 1 free top level domain of your choice which is either a .com .net or .name domain name. Isn’t that cool? We haven’t finished the present competition, but are planning already for the 2nd one.

But, we have no idea yet what kind of contest we should drop on the table. We’ve got quiet a few on our mind already and one of those will most likely proceed. But we’d like to ask you now, what kind of competition do you want guys?