The future of this weird, underwhelming, and underpriced new device from Apple is unclear. I mean, it just launched yesterday and is going to ship within the 60 days. Yet, one thing is for sure, majority of existing Apple Costumers who are in possession of an iPod (Touch), iPhone, iMac, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro, etc, think that the iPad literally sucks. Who doesn’t really believe that it sucks?

  • No Flash
  • No Camera
  • No USB Slot
  • No SD Card Slot
  • The name sucks
  • No -new third- iPad dedicated OS
  • Looks like an mutated iPod or a iPod on ‘roids.
  • Screen Resolution too low

I know, I have not gotten my hands on this thing yet, but those are indeed the flaws of this product, with i guess a lot more to come once its out in the stores.

I feel very disappointed about this product. I don’t know why, but I really do. I expected something more superior, not a big brother of an iPod. Somehow, I’m happy that I’m not the only one standing on the side of people who were disappointed about this product and look at it like it’s just one big fat joke.

One thing that I’m somehow curious about is, if this was the same case when the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch came out? I don’t think a lot of people really believed in those products either during their first couple of months? Anyways, we’ll see in a year or so where the Apple iPad is going to place itself and how it will kill eReaders (kindle) and Netbooks (and its own kind: iPods).

Let’s look at this product from a positive point of view.

  • The Price is exceptional
  • It’s indeed Apple’s most advanced and innovative product
  • It’s amazingly fast
  • And weighs almost nothing (those people from engadget are just took weak)
  • Has its “iPad specialized” version of iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers)

The Apple iPad promises to (once again) enhance and change the way we’re computing. It might not be something that pro’s want to use to replace their Macbook Pro’s, iMac, etc with, but it is something that the general public (aside from most geeks, like us) is going to love and embrace; especially when you take a look at the price. Apple may have provided a little “shorter” storage than expected, but cloud-storage won’t take too long to become reality, with that, the iPad is way ahead of the competition.

NO FLASH? No problem, actually. That’s one thing that beholds truth. HTML5 will be able to handle your “flash” experience with ease. Apple has got a product that doesn’t allow flash, which kinda sucks for us right now, but it is ready for the future, and will be very happy and delighted to hit sites supporting and using HTML5 to show videos, etc.

The list could go on and on, defending the product and bashing it. I don’t want to look like a Fanboy, which I really ain’t be. But I don’t want to criticize the iPad any further to be bashed “I told you so, the iPad will rule” in a year or two by random Apple freaks in return.

I just wish that they could enhance the device somehow, and make it appealing not only to the new customers and general users (netbook users, etc) but to the other field as well. We’re not asking to have every single feature we request to be included, but I’d be delighted to see ALL of the following:

  • Front Facing Camera
  • MULTI-TASKING Capability

We can live without flash, since we’ll see more and more sites using HTML5 anyways.

Until then, this product will be labeled the iWaste. Apple, you’ve really failed me, iBelieve(d) in you!!

ps: At least we’ve come to realize that not all Apple FANBOYS are going to support Apple in EVERYTHING that they do, like now!