Apple fights back. After the copyright infringement done by a guy named Daniel Bijan for purchasing domain names in the likes of, .net, .org and .biz.

What I cannot understand about the rightful web space of Apple is why they had to take away other domains, like and ipodsbaratos. If Apple really wanted to have the domains, then they should have purchased them ahead of time.

You can blame the “online squatter” for purchasing all the domains, but isn’t Apple to blame, too? Come to think of it. How could Apple not have owned the Macbook Pro Series of domain names WAY AHEAD OF TIME?

There have indeed been a few domains that Apple needed to take back, but a few of them are very unreasonable. And if Apple isn’t going to make anything productive out of the domain names, they don’t look anyhow better than the online squatter who got them in the first place due to the negligence of Apple to register their trademarks in the form of domain names.