It must have been one of Anne Curtis’ most terrifying moments ever. The moment her boobs got exposed on their ASAP XV Boracay shoot. We pity here, therefore, instead of showing you the nipple slip, here’s a kind message to all.

We have nothing against the bloggers who blog about it, let them be. It is you, the users who concern us. If you are not reading this via the email subscription on Pinoy Teens, then you’re probably looking up the pictures of the Anne Curtis Nipple slip right now that has led you to our blog. Sorry, but we don’t have it here for you, even if we had it, we wouldn’t show it.

Picture of Anne Curtis on ASAP XV Boracay

Anne Curtis is one of the few actresses that I really respect and favor among the many others. She doesn’t deserves all of this humiliation after all. Ganun na ba talaga kayo ka adik? Pati ba naman ang liit na issue na ito? Palakihan n’yo pa? You guys are better off peeking at your girlfriends or wife’s boobs, but not on Anne’s. I know that you know better, some of you might just be curious, but that curiosity has made aloud buzz on the web right now. Damn whoever took that picture, or those pictures, or simply whoever took a picture and made it public.

Update: IF someone from your Relatives or someone close to you had such kind of pictures rumoring around the internet, would you be happy?

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