A scandalous photo of the 3-year couple Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay has been spreading all over the Internet.  In the photo, the 23-year-old voluptuous actress was bikini clad in a beach while clinging to her early 30s boyfriend Derek Ramsay with her hand inserted in his board shorts thus implying a soft hand action occurring.

The couple who just kept mum about the photo finally admitted that they are the ones in the photo and they do not regret having such photo taken.  Derek even said that Angelica thinks that the photo is cute.  The couple contends that there is nothing wrong with such photo taken and it is not scandalous for it is very normal for couples to do such things.

In the same interview about the photo, Derek denied the rumors that he and Angelica had a short split due to a third party influence or due to Angelica’s jealous nature.  Derek stated that they only had a very mild misunderstanding and they have already settled the issues between them.

See the spreading photo below: