Here we go folks, Aika’s requested domain name, has just been registered by yours truly (me) just a few moments ago. Congratulations on winning that domain name here on Pinoy Teens and may you make the best out of it!

Whilst at the other hand, I’d like to inform everyone that our domain name give-away is now on a monthly basis, and we’ve given away 4 domain names already.
In June, it was, in July, we’ve sent out, just this August, and just the month that passed by, September, we’ve got SUGARDROP.NET 🙂
Your domain name in mind could be the next one that we will register for free.

Here’s how it works:

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  • Confirm your subscription
  • Start commenting on our articles day in and day out, leaving constructive comments

It can’t be easier than that!

Well, I hope that the comment count keeps on growing and that you, our dear followeres will continue to serve as the vital asset we have in possession. May our traffic drop, one thing is for sure, the readership and the community remains through all odds.