D’yo remember those golden days when all of us used to connect to the internet via Dial-Up? Oh yes, that creepy old and geeky sound whenever you try to connect to the web to surf around pages at an amazing speed of… a couple of kilobytes? Epic!

It looks like that even DSL/Lan Internet connections will get nailed soon, or at least threatened in someway. Y’know how or why that happens or who will make it happen (at least here in the Philippines)? WAIT though. Let’s take a look at the following scenarios…

Connecting to the Internet at School

Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, you name it! Most social networks and even some blogs are banned at various universities across the country. It takes the fun out of surfing the internet and just when you thought that things couldn’t get any worse you realize that doing your research at your school library or via your school’s wireless network is such a pain in the ass. Download speed of mere kilobytes that bring you back to the old days mentioned above.

At the Internet Cafe or Coffee Shop

There are those select-few internet cafe’s across the country that provide fast internet connection and are a reliable go-to resource for your online cravings or needs. Some are noted to be pretty expensive, others are mostly loaded with customers. Some Coffee Shops provide Wifi but don’t have it secured, at other Coffee Shops there are these mean people who just go there to have their Torrent program download stuff from the web at the expense of everyone else who’s surfing. Why not have your own dedicated way of surfing the web on the go, or better yet whenever and wherever you need it!

The Affordable Prepaid Smart Starter Plug-It

Whilst the death of the Desktop is still years away, it’s for certain that more and more people are computing on the go. Especially with the release of the new Macbook Air (or similar ultraportable computers)  – mobile computing has finally become sexy and powerful.

BUT what would be a mobile computer with the power to connect to the internet? That’s where the Smart Start Plug-It is for! Are you having your first netbook or laptop? Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to surf the web anytime and anywhere? Do so with the Smart Starter Plug-It!

“You won’t need to rely on others, you won’t need to go to crowded and insecure internet cafes! All you need is your Prepaid Smart Starter Plug-It with you all the time!”

What you get in return for your P995 for the Smart Starter Plug-It

Smart Starter Plug-It: "Mobile Broadband na Abot Kaya!"

Smart Starter Plug-It: "Mobile Broadband na Abot Kaya!"

  • One-time fee: P995
  • Usage fee: Pay per use. P10 for every 30 mins. Or avail of any usage package  (Unlisurf, Per Minute, Prepaid Lifestyle).
  • Freebies: Preloaded with 1 hour (valid for 1 day)
  • Connection: via USB
  • Speed: Up to 2 mbps
  • Lock-in Period:  None
  • Application requirements: None
  • System requirements: Pentium III or higher, 512 MB of RAM or higher, Ethernet / LAN card, at least 10 GB of Hard Disk Space, USB 2.0, Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Mac Osx 10.4 (Tiger), Leopard, Snow Leopard
  • Perfect for: People who are just starting out with their new shiny laptop or their first mobile prepaid dongle. Also for those who seek for cheap and fast prepaid internet to bring with them.
  • For more information please visit http://smart.com.ph/bro or better yet interact with Smart on your favorite social network https://www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications

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