I’m back in the blogging business, thanks to a inspirational post from one of the bloggers I’ve been looking up to for a long time, who has shared a couple of kind words about me, and Pinoy Teens Online. I still find it very hard to believe that there are people who like my bad writings, and my poor treasure chest in English, but hey, it really makes me feel flattered whenever someone just says thanks for something that I did, but a review like that one? Is something pretty much unbelievable.

Though, I really have to say that my blogging tips section which consists of about 3 tips so far, is a neat series that I’ll soon be expanding on, especiallyAteneo de Davao College having the third episode, talking about “How to increase your readership, and not annoy your readers” had made an impact to some of the bloggers around me.

Moving on, earlier today, I woke up full of energy and excitement, looking forward to the ACAT or ACET Ateneo College Entrance Test, or the Ateneo College Admission Test. Since I was scheduled to have the exam between 1pm-5pm, I had to arrive at the testing venue located at Ateneo de Davao thirty minutes ahead of the schedule, and since the distance between my house and the Ateneo College Campus is quite distant, I had to leave the house pretty early at around twelve sharp. I was too shy to take any pictures for this article of mine, so there are no imagery evidence that can prove to you that I was at Ateneo (which some of my friends on Plurk doubted).

So, how was the test?

The examination fell below my expectations, not in terms of its level of difficulty, but the number of items and the time allotment. During my search on the internet about the College Entrance Tests for the Ateneo Campuses, I found out that time pressure is really a big factor here, and pacing your time with the number of items will really be the key to the success of the examinations. I don’t know if my speedy reading skill pays evidence to my score sooner or later, but somehow I have to say that I have the kind of feeling that I passed the examinations with flying colors, but I won’t commence the last word about it yet, until the 27th of this month.

The test consisted of multiple parts, and recalling what I discovered on Multiply, I saw a portion that was talking about an essay part in the test, which was not the case for the Ateneo de Davao University College Entrance Examinaton, I’ve expected something like that to pop-out and prepared myself for it, yet I was behind with dust.

Mathematics was quite controllable at some point, and the English part of the examination really cut off my head with so many choices that appeared to be the correct one made it very hard for me to get through. Especially at first when I skipped a number and had to erase ten of the other answers to fill in the left out number correctly.

After all it was nice for me to be amongst the elites for a while. It has been a long time since I last visited a Jesuit Campus after I left the Ateneo High School during my Senior Years, and with a little bit of luck, and the guiding hands of Saint Ignatius, I might just be lucky enough to be back on track where I believe I belong to, which is the Ateneo.

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