The discussion about the Takipsilim Twilight – Twilight Takipsilim Issue (or however you want to call it) is still a sound buzzer on the world wide web. After posting the information on their website which can still be found via Google’s Cache, ABS CBN is denying any truth about the Takipsilim Issue. Just like what we’ve stated in an earlier post for this debate.

What’s really disturbing though is the fact that ABS CBN is blaming the Perez Hilton blog for spreading the according to them false information; while at the other end, it was their own website that has started the buzz after all. I am on of the thousands who stand against the many who support the movie. The Philippine Television Networks don’t know anything but ripping off other countries work, and then, making such an epic movie a totally mess as a Philippine Television Series.

But, how c0me that they have denied the news that their website has spread?

A lot of factors may come in to play, it’s either they realized that they can’t match the rage of Filipinos who totally dislikes the idea of a Twilight remake into Takipsilim, or it’s just that they can’t take THE WHOLE WORLD standing AGAINST them in the making of this series? I have seen only  few people liking the idea that Abs Cbn had in mind about Takipsilim, while I can say that the count against the movie is getting bigger everyday as the news continue to srpead through the world wide web.

Perez Hilton Blog didn’t do anything wrong. They just delivered news to its readers, nothing else. News that are true and honest, but eventually been rejected by ABS CBN themselves; who are now putting the shame on PerezHilton.

Shame on you ABS CBN, we Pinoys are not that dumb to make use of the “see site cache” method to see what was originally post before you dissallowed the access to the content that once spread the ugly news.

As some of you may have noticed a logo/poster or whatevr to be spreading around the web lately showcasing the two ugly Philippine Actors and Actress who are said to play the main roles for Takipsilim; if they ever push it through. Don’t believe in that poster to be anything official. According to sources it’s just a fan creation posted on by a Filipino Takipsilim FREAK, who is literally a FREAK after falling for that.

There has also been a takipsilim related poll spreading around the website and we encourage you to not believe in any poll that is asking for your opinion because they are sure not original. For as long as the poll is not visible on any official Abs Cbn Website, there’s no assurance that you are leaving your opinion on the real thing. What really came to my attention was a blog with the “said to be” official polls, it’s something like or so. Don’t trust on that and don’t believe about anything those blogs are saying about Takipsilim.

Because they sure are not official and are simply user made so that they can earn money from your visits as you search about the Takipsilim Twilight project.