I was tasked to write articles in Filipino for our Filipino Educational Aid corner, but I don’t think that I can cope with the pressure caused by a lot of factors like being a Junior High School Student, an administrator of such a huge website, and a write on that said site. I cannot do everything at once, but one thing that I can do is, share with you a typical day here at Pinoy Teens Online.

You may have come to notice, that the traffic rankings of Pinoy Teens Online dropped a bit in the last couple of days, but nevertheless, the daily routine did not change at all for the better, but became more tensed for all the three of us. Having built this trademark in the Philippine Blogoshpere, we need to hold on to the traffic stats that brought us this far.

One of the assets that Pinoy Teens possess is the active reader community it has. A lot of comments coming in day in and day out, with quite a lot of them marked spam, some get deleted, while others are approved. We can’t accommodate each and every of your comments, especially when they express hatred or contain foul words.

Pinoy Teens Online Dashboard

Pinoy Teens Online DashboardThat's the first thing that I'm doing everyday, check our comments, for new comments, comments that I could reply to and comments that shouldn't be on the blog. After checking for our Comments, the next thing that I'll hit is the WP Stats Page, wherein I find more information from where you, our readers are coming from, what you searched where you went, and how many visits we got on a particular day. This helps us understand our readers paths and interest better for future content.

Then, I go and check our dashboard, we’ve got a plugin installed that allows us to add notes to a box on the dashboard where either Princess or Kevin will leave a important note for me or the others. Some sort of tasks to do list. It’s a very effective way to inform other writes about certain updates you want them to know right away.

After that, I proceed to the writing panel, write a post when I’m assigned to or else, I’ll just log out and hope that people would come and visit us. Every visit makes us happy and makes us feel important. Especially me, who is very much stats oriented. Your frequent visits make us feel important on the world wide web, and we’re very happy having around in our community.

Yes, the readers community of Pinoy Teens Online evolved, and will hopefully evolve further in the coming weeks. So, that has been a typical day here at the Pinoy Teens Online blog, stick around for more.^^<)