Christ mas is fast approaching. The spirit of Christmas can be felt almost everywhere. The colorful decorations of our home and those that our neighborhood setup, the beautiful lighting at Davao City’s very own People’s Park and of course, the Christmas tunes played on the radio; all of them make me feel like Christmas is just around the corner waiting for all of us.

Oh how dear can this time of the year be? It’s noted to be the time when people are supposed to become generous and share their blessings with other people… that’s why beggars on the street have become very rampant.

No, I have nothing against them personally. I know a lot of tragic stories ’bout how these people end up on the street… but you know, there’s a particular kind of people that I just hate to see around begging on the street and using Christmas as a lame excuse to get money from others.

Major turn-offs about beggars during Christmas Season:

  • The Use of Children when asking money
  • Singing… and singing… Until they get the money, or until there’s a clear sign they won’t get any. And if they get a few bucks, they’ll stop singing without finishing the song.
  • People who get mad when they’re not given anything for their so-called “effort” in caroling.
  • Those who use “Christmas” to get money from others whilst not believing in Christmas

How pitiful people on the street may seem, I see to it that those who receive the few spare bucks that I have are worth it, and not just those who act out being amongst the poorest of poor.

Call me mean, arrogant, naive or whatever… but seriously, not everyone who lives on the street deserves Christmas.

Don’t you agree that it’s annoying?

Photo Credit: Darnok