I will be gone for sometime, I have assigned a hidden person to take care of the over all site status, while I need to catch up again real life problems, I would like to ask you, to help out make this forum a better forum, like it was before.

Please guys, I don’t that it’s kinda hard to invite your friends, is it?
It’s for the good of the whole Pinoy Teen Community, I really cannot do it on my own Sad You’re help and cooperation is needed as well. If everyone would plan and try to invite at least 1 person a day, that would be a good start.

You could also try to invite people with the means of;
Sending Messages to all your friends on friendster
Posting Bulletins at your FS Bulletin Board or post at announcements in your friendster groups.
You could even post at your own blog about Pinoy Teens and encourage people to come and join. You may also like to GM in your yahoo messenger or messengers you use or even GM via text.
But guys, the best thing is, if you’d invite people, in real life people you know personally and then spread about us.

I hope, when I will come back, everyone has done his/her part for the development of this forum.
You know, I didn’t made this forum for me, nor for any fame, I created this one for friendship, for the youth, for everyone to get closer!

PS: I will be switching to a new host when I am back so that the blocked IPs may come through again Smiley

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