I haven’t been online today, because I’ve spent the evening watching a movie with family here at home. Thanks to a good friend of mine, for pointing out a very sad event that happened earlier today, here in Davao City.

“I’d say, it’s hypocrisy at its best.”

As he shoot some pictures at Davao City’s San Pedro Cathedral, he noticed a Tagalog-speaking man instructing the guard to throwout a half naked man who was silently kneeling and praying; saying that, in Manila, persons with mental disabilities and vagrants are disallowed to enter their churches.

The security guard diligently obeyed the instructions given by the man, assaulting the innocent man who was praying – by assaulting and poking him in the ribs with a “ratan” truncheon.

Another person approached him (my friend) and tapped him on the shoulder. He was carrying a bible. This man told my friend, that it’s both improper to capture the incident and to take photos in general inside “their heavenly church”.

## Good Friday ain’t that good.

I’m very sad about this. It’s specially ironic that this incident happened on a Good Friday. Not only because I pity the man who fell prey to the hypocrite that started it all, but because I am a Roman Catholic myself. This only strengthens my dismay about some leaders of our churches and followers of the religion.

One thing that gives me a glimmer of hope though, are the people reacting to the incident on Social Networks. I’m with one of many others, who would have jumped into the scene and backed up the innocent man, unfortunately I wasn’t there.

Unless this hypocrisy ends, I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere, any soon.

And oh by the way, you, whoever started it all – you should definitely burn in hell. I doubt many would disagree with that. at Facebook here.

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