My boyfriend and I have subscribed to Globe Prepaid’s exclusive offer for their subscribers in Davao City, the SUPERLAHAT20 promo which so far lived up to its expectations all ends out. He is probably asleep right now as I publish this article at the nearby internet cafe, or probably just charging his phone since I have yet to receive a text from him in the past hour.

It puts up a little smile on my face when I remember the days when we two were users of other prepaid providers. The offer we frequently reached out to was affordable nonetheless, but is no match to what globe has to offer at the moment, exclusively to Davao City Globe Users.

I don’t know exactly how many minutes of Free Calls I have left, but I’m certain that I have around 30 minutes or so available, while Kevin has more than half of what Globe’s SUPERLAHAT20 promises. This is what you get if you subscribe to GLOBE SUPERLAHAT20.

  • Unlimited Text to Globe/TM
  • 100 Minutes Call to Globe/TM
  • 1 Hour Mobile Internet
  • 5 International Text to over 190 countries

I wish I could try out the 1 hour mobile internet that this promo from Globe has to offer, but I can’t, since my phone is not internet capable. And also, there’s no one I have to text outside of the country at the moment, but maybe in the next couple of days.

All in all, this is one very unique offer that surely no other network is offering at the moment. The 1 hour of internet would normally cost 20 pesos already, and 100 Minutes of Globe/TM Calls would usually bill you for 100 pesos using their other promos. Not to forget the 5 free international texts and the unlimited Globe/TM texting that is usually priced at 20 pesos through their UNLITXT20 offering.

We have already made the switch to Globe and look forward for this promo to last for a while. You can help us giving Globe the impression that they’ve nailed the sweet spot of Davao City’s mobile users by switching to Globe now and trying the service yourself.

Most Globe Prepaid Kits come preloaded with 35 free texts to all networks and the ability to avail of 250 texts to all networks by sending “Free” to 8888.

Globe also has a little contest open for Dabawenyo Globe Users, but that’s something we will post tomorrow, just to give you ample time to buy yourself a sim 🙂