, about two years up and running is giving back to the community and its readers.

#### Why I need “The new iPad”

First things first, as I said above, the new iPad is not going to be a *want*, it’s a gadget that is close to necessary already in my field of *work*.

I’m obviously a blogger – meaning, I need to be connected to the internet as often and as frequent as possible. Carrying around my mid-2009 15″ Macbook Pro has become quite a task for me already. It’s not *really* something you want to carry around to events and other occasion where you expect to enjoy yourself.

Aside from the fact that it’s somewhat heavy to lug around, it’s also not so safe to do so. I have to say, that I’m pretty lucky that I’m from Davao City – which for me, is the safest place in the Philippines. I manage to sneak around the city carrying this quite expensive gadget every now and then – but of course, it’s not absolutely safe.

My Macbook Pro isn’t the fastest of gadgets (anymore), too. It’s age is slowly showing – no, it’s still fast, faster than any Windows device I have had – but this laptop has a defect fan and produces noise annoying as hell. Not something you want to run at a press con or so! I don’t want to risk further dislocating the fan inside – yeah, I know, I should have it repaired, soon!

I need something portable, something close to the abilities of a laptop – that’s the new iPad. With it’s high resolution screen, which contains even more pixels than an HD Television Set there’s no way I can be wrong with this handy gadget. It can help me take down notes, capture moments quickly and have me play my favorite iOs games leisurely.

I won’t bow down and say that I’m an Apple fanboy, but, Apple gadgets seem to be more efficient and straightforward for the things I need them to do. I’m also pretty familiar with the iOS platform already, having owned two iPod touches before.

> It’s sad that I can’t go out and buy this gadget myself right now, I have other things to spend my money – something I’m sure some of you know already!

### Geeky Faust 2 years+

As posted by my fellow Davao Bloggers member, Faust Principe, his blog Geeky Faust is up for more or less 2 years now.

I can only congratulate him for such a successful blog. I remember how he started this blog in 2009. He was a Joomla user who has slowly converted to WordPress, an SEO practitioner who’s become better and better at it as the years passed in a blur. Keep it up!

Disclaimer: It’s April 1st anyway! 😀