I’m quite confused on how to call her, whether she has developed to a Pop Queen or is a Pop Teen Princess yet, since she looks quite cute and very young on the cover of her latest album. A lot younger than she does on her Taking Flight and Becoming looks.

If you don’t know whom I’m talking about, I’m here about to discuss Sarah Geronimo, one of the most awesome singers and actress Abs-Cbn is holding. A treasure that the whole Philippines is proud of due to her local and international success in the past few years.Sarah Geronimo Just Me Album 

I need to admit the fact that I’ve been very much disappointed about her Taking Flight Album, her cuteness was totally transparent on that said album (except for the single IKAW which was a quite awesome hit on Myx). Besides IKAW and TIME TO LET Go, there wasn’t much to talk about that album from my point of view. Unlike the prior Becoming, which was a definite powerhouse with one of her all time bests, Carry My Love.

But now, let’s leave the odds and endeavors of her prior history in terms of music behind. Sarah Geronimo’s Music Career now runs towards its fifth year and her fifth Album, Just Me. The album was released just this September 12, 2008 and is running H-O-T nationwide; I mean it. It’s on fire! And I’m proud to say, a lot of factors lead to its unflagging success at the present.

One of the hottest topics in town on a lot of websites is the single I’ll Be There which is track number one of the album, featuring Back Street Boys member Howie Dorough) and indeed, the promising criticism is worth it, and the song proves itself to be deserving the positive feedback it got from the crowd. The Popsters (that’s how Sarah Geronimo fans call themselves) are now awaiting the premiere of this carrier single of her album on Myx to start voting it straight through to the top of the charts. Could this be another pretty upset just like IKAW has marked its signature in Philippine Music History last year?

I used to be one of the avid addict posting Popsters on her Forums (the reason why I tried building my own and then ended up blogging), and I have to be honest, I didn’t knew about this album until a couple of hours ago when I glanced over the music store and noticed a familiar face, Sarah Geronimo covered in a new blue style, and I just went “Oh, it’s a new album that I really must have right now!” And here I am now, in possession of one of the many copies that have been sold already.

The song that caught most of my attention was the tagalog song entitled “Dahil Minahal Mo Ako” which is the 3rd track on the album. I’ll be keeping you on track with lyrics and with more information about the album and the songs inside it, and of course of the singers whenever there are new buzzers heating up.

That’ll be all for now, and hey guys, this album is a definite must have for all OPM Lovers and for all Sarah Geronimo supporters, go, grab a copy now!