And I’m yet to complete a half year of my experience with WordPress. If we’d take a look back unto what WordPress was years ago, to the present 2.5.1 stable, indeed everyone can say and would agree that WordPress has gone a long way already, and continues to strive for the better each release, with a promising future, still ahead. The Automattic Crew has helped out in this project a lot, most especially the Development Leader for WordPress, Matt Mullenweg.

Who would have ever thought that WordPress would become such a success, and would become the #1 blogging tool in the world? Indeed, no one could’ve imagine this software to go so far as it has launched, and did I say that it’s free? Obviously, most of you know about it that WordPress is free to download, and to use, of course. But there are some who don’t, that’s why I emphasized it.

As a little tribute for the 5th birthday of our favorite blogging tool, one of my favorite theme resources blog oh blog has created a contest for everyone. All that you need to do is to write a little about WordPress’ Birthday and the Contest and you are done, you could be the next one to win some amazing prizes, like a free theme or a 300 bucks worth free review.

I would’ve posted about the birthday anyway, but some goodies are always good 🙂 Post about this contest on your blogs now!

I’ll be tagging:

Go, ikalat nyo ang kaarawan ng paboritong blogging tool natin!