5 Quick Guidelines to follow if you want to sell products effectively on social networking giant Facebook. Be in the know, and be not a spammer.

The title “5 things I hate about how people sell on facebook” seems more apropriate to this article, yet I decided to go with 5 Rules about Selling on Facebook Instead. For all I know is that those people would just ignore it. Well, maybe they’ll even ignore these 5 rules, but we’ll never know.

  • Stop tag spamming us with your products – it sucks. It really does. I even hate being tagged by funny pictures (often odd ones), but, being tagged with products? C’mon, that sucks. It won’t (at least me) help you make me buy what you have to offer, at all.
  • Be sensitive about whom you tag – IF YOU EVER TAG US. You don’t seriously want to tag a male with products for females? Say, Bikinis, Dresses, and Sandals. It makes you earn a bad reputation. Okay, you can excuse yourself that there may be some males out there who would like to get something for their girlfriends and/or wives. But I bet they’re better off visiting the nearest mall to make their purchase.
  • Don’t sent Private Messages about your Products – It makes you look like a SPAMmer and I’m sure you don’t want to be labeled as one.
  • Don’t keep sending update after update, or message after message – This is address for those who own Pages or Groups about their business and products. Please, don’t keep sending us with those stupid, freaking stuff. We can see all that in our News Feed if you’d update it through your pages and groups is going to be more than enough.
  • Don’t behave like a bot – Can you please stop talking about your business once in a while? It would be great for people to know you as a person, and not as a face of your product.

I hope that these points won’t offend anyone, but instead make them realize their mistakes and help them correct them. I’m sure all of you hate all the spam notifications from stupid Facebook Apps. If you cannot follow the five rules above, it makes you look just like one of those apps.