Hello folks!

This is the first post published on Pinoy Teens for year 2012. 2012, which to our beliefs is going to be the best year yet for our humble community of 5 or so writers.

We have silently rolled out our new name, our new branding today, which is Pinoy Teens New Media. We shall carry with us the tag line “The New Media Frontier of the Filipino Youth” as we aim to broaden our reach to the far extend of the world wide web and the offline (real life) arena. Pinoy Teens has been just a blog for far too long, it’s time that we do more for our country and for the society we live in; that’s gonna happen with the Pinoy Teens New Media.

I don’t really fancy writing when I’m very sleepy, but I just had to get the word out.

2011 has been a great year for me. Maybe not blog-wise but from the from a personal point of view. I’m so happy that I have made a lot of new connections last year and that I’ve become closer with people that I’ve met in 2010 and 2009. I can only hope that our friendships will last long 🙂

The year ahead of me actually scares me a bit, but like my friend has said, I should avoid being too pessimistic about how things would go. 🙂


Like I said above, we’ll try to be more than just a blog this year. We’re going to engage more with the communities around us and of course, write more content that we’ve done in 2011. We have written more articles in the period between April – June 2010 than in whole of 2011…. which clearly shows how low the activity has fallen.

I’m inviting all High School and College Students who love to create content, write, video blog or photoblog to join us at Pinoy Teens New Media. We’re in need of talented but most importantly dedicated people to join us. Let us be one in creating content while informing, entertaining and educating our readers!

All that you have to do is comment on this post that you’re interested to join us!

I seriously don’t know what else I should add to this post… but I really want to blog before I’m going to bed… so here I go again, greeting all of you a happy new year and thanking each and everyone who has become part of my 2011 and the part of Pinoy Teens’ 2011 as well. No, I won’t mention names… I don’t want to disappoint someone whom I might left out. I know that you know who you are!

God bless us, all!