The London 2012 Olympics closed some hours ago, with it goes the hope of any Medal at all for Team Philippines.

I’d like to apologize for the not writing much about the 2012 London Olympic games. We will try to cover future events much better than this one. (Most of us were busy with school and other stuff, but yeah, it’s no real excuse)

Many Sports enthusiasts around the world were fascinated and amazed at what London had to offer and how they delivered one of the most epic Olympic Games in recent history.

“London promised an athletes’ Games and that’s exactly what we got. History has been written by many, many athletes — the double treble of Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Sir Chris Hoy, Ben Ainslie, Andy Murray winning his first major title… I could go on.”, says Rogge.

This post marks only the second post within a time span of over 21 days; it also marks the start of more (frequent) articles to be published as well. So stay in touch. 🙂