It looks like thousands more of Filipinos are going to jump in the bandwagon of tragedies for 2009. Let’s put aside the typhoons Pepeng and Ondoy, let’s take aside the Maguinanao Massacre; as we’re about to witness, the mother of all fireworks to close the year 2009. I don’t mean to offend anyone with my words, but I have had enough of using lamentations to describe the unfortunate events Filipinos keep on experiencing this year. Nothing can truly compare with what we as nation have been through the past 350+ days.

If you are reading this article from your homes away from all calamities and disasters, take note, you are lucky. Lucky to not be in a situation like thousand of other Filipinos have been during the time the typhoons wrecked northern Philippines, lucky, to not be within the danger zone of the Mount Mayon which is most likely to erupt within days as it is already in Alert Level 4.

Some believe that the Mount Mayon should erupt before the new year comes, while of course, most wish it not to boom at all. Let’s hope that no one will be harmed and put to danger if ever it erupts. I personally want the volcano to spell its rage before the year ends, so that we can sail smoothly and peacefully into a 2010 where nothing but the best will happen for us Filipinos, in terms of rehabilitation and recovery from all the natural calamities that we’ve been victims of.

I hope that all of you could offer a moment of prayer before we head to bed tonight and talk to Bro. Let’s ask him to help us overcome this hurdle that we’re about to face, that the people from the Albay Region about to face, ’cause whatever happens to them, is damage to us all.