A lot of people say that I’m too much into WordPress, and that I don’t want to understand the benefits that blogspot can bring. It’s true, that no matter what platform you use, it comes down to the user who decides which way to go and what suits him best (words by BatangYagit). But still, for me, there’s no reason to use Blogspot at all.why would I when I have my established WordPress Blog already? Else, if I would not have WordPress money for a domain name, or even no money to get myself some hosting under the ass, there’s still no way that I’d choose blogspot. Although, yes, I’ve been using blogspot for 2 days on a dummy blog of mine now.

  1. Themes – Every tenth blog that I see is using the same theme, if not, then they are using the same “imported themes” from WordPress which is not quite easy to do. Now, you don’t call that techy? When Blogspot is supposed not to be that techy?
  2. One Feed for All – It really sucks when you need to display your whole feed to your readers, when you don’t really want to. Let’s say for example, you’ve got a R-18 Category on your blog and don’t like it to be exposed to your email subscribers because there might be minors on it. In WordPress, excluding a certain category from the feed is easy.
  3. All In One SEO is out of sight – One of the most popular plugins of WordPress is of course not available for Blogspot, which renders blogspot absolutely unfriendly in terms of Search Engine Optimization compared to WordPressBlogs with AIOSEO active.
  4. The WYSIWYG sucks – I know, the WordPress’ initial WYSIWYG doesn’t do much better either, but at least there is a plugin at hand to extend the WYSIWYG editor that WordPress has originally.
  5. Commenting is like hell – I know, it’s a anti-spam measurement, but it’s really not handy. It totally sucks when you need to enter those words before you canΒ  leave a comment. And not to forget the options given below if you’d like to leave a comment with Open ID, Name and URL and whatsoever.
  6. Commenting is like hell part II – I hate those crazy pop ups that slow down my computer when I comment on some blogs. Are these really needed?
  7. Limited Support – Compare the support they offer to the support that the ever so great WordPress Support Forums offer.
  8. Permalink Structure sucks – Now, do you really think that adding a .html at the end will make it more search engine friendly? I’d rather write better content than being concerned about that.
  9. My Post was gone – I wrote a long long post and it suddenly dissappeared, period.
  10. And last but not the least, I hate the reason why people use blogspot. I know, you can’t deny it. More than 20% of those who use Blogspot are using it only because they can add Javascript and add advertisements on it, which they can’tdo on WordPress. Poor people. Tsk, I don’t see the use why those started blogging, just to earn money? If those guys would only know that blogging is not about earning money, but about sharing your thoughts and ideas about whatever you have in mind, then you’d understand why even WordPress.Com is better than blogspot and how dominant WordPress.Org is in terms of online publishing. πŸ™‚

So, there you have my reasons.