It has been for a couple of months now that I have been on a solo-flight here on Pinoy Teens Online, no one to share with all the success and no one to share with all the pain that I’ve been through in developing this site and keeping it alive. But that statement won’t be applicable anymore, starting today.

I won’t go and get some help from someone to help me out with my websites, nor would I assign someone to write for me, as all of these articles are (as of now) provided by yours truly and by my bestfriend. But that’s not the point here. We’re partnering with yet another upcoming Filipino Website, a site that’s just about to glance upon the others. A promising mutual relationship between webmasters of the same thinking, and the objective of bringing the Filipinos closer on the world wide web.

We, as a quite established website are honored to be one of the first to have discovered this website with high potential and feel happy, that somehow, we’ll be able to help them, as they’ll be able to present us to their audience.

Though, as new and unranked they are as of now, the traffic will come, and so will the success of this pairing be a fruitful outcome for the both of us.