I am certainly aware that it is my fault why subscribers are unsubscribing, why the traffic and technorati rankis dropping and why simply everything is slowly ceasing down this entertainment blog; though, I didn’t had in mind creating this blog an entertainment website, but based on how much this blog is struggling right now, there’s no any other suitable term to use. If it’s not an entertainment blog, then what is Pinoy Teens then?

Before, I was just blogging away, and like I have said to some of my friends, this blogging has become more on a chore for me, playing games on my Laptop are hindering me to continue the development, and within myself there are some feelings and ideas that have altered. I’m wondering if I’m really that blogger wannabe that I was once back then, or am I just confused about all the stuff that is hitting me right now and just need time to seek a way through this adversity?

Another thought that I have in mind that this blog just won’t develop anymore is the domain itself, which indeed sounds interesting to the younger fellas of ours and the majority of the reader target for now, but it won’t live up to its meaning in the next couple of years when I grow older as I am about to hit the 18th year of my life this June 13, 2009. A name change might possibly be the case here to get things going once again, but a good question would be to what a name? And how I should do all the stressfull work once again? It’s really tiring kicking off a blog, but it’s also making me feel restless to revive something that cannot be revived anymore, the spirit that Pinoy Teens once before had owned.

I’m really clueless what I should do with this website right now, if anybody cares to take care of this website, let me know, if anyone wants to buy this crappy online space, let me know. Just free me from this task of maintaining something that I cannot anymore maintain.