Last night’s primetime episode of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 was a real turn off. I’m glad, that I’m not the only one who felt that way, who thought what was on display in front our Television Sets wasn’t right anymore.

It’s clear, this years’ batch of Teen Housemates contains some of the worst characters yet. No, I’m not summing them up, but citing Karen, Claire, and Kit pretty much speak for themselves.

I find it very sad that there are young tweens and teenagers out there who actually embrace what they saw on national television and even encourage #KITEN to further do so.

The fact that these young people adore what Karen and Kit are doing might mean, that these young people will follow the lead of the two shameful housemates. They’re definitely NOT good role models towards the youth of today.

#PBBTeens4 episode last night confirmed what I had thought about for a long time already. There’s no way that this stupid “reality” show can garner high ratings and audience if not through backstabbing done by the housemates or PDA moments done by the housemates.

Where’s the value in all of that?

I hope that the teens blinded by the spotlight that #PBBTeens4 has got will see clearly soon, before it’s too late, before they start mimicking the housemate’s actions.

What are your thoughts about #KITEN?