I wonder why people keep on competing with Pinoy Teens, most especially the once who are Filipino too, just like we are. Honestly speaking, I’m just a 16 year old Filipino Teenager who has created this whole website with my own hands and bare all the pain and frustrations as I started this site a year ago to keep things going. I never expected someone to burst in anger and would come so desperate to comment negative about my website, which at first place isn’t true and 2ndly, his site himself is crappy place.

You know, we know, I know that Pinoy Teens is a website that doesn’t likes competing wit other sites, we are as neutral as possible. But the opposition has crossed the line already to the extend, that we really net to draw the line again and stop this foolish battle.

Have you ever experienced to chat with someone who thinks he knows everything? Yet after all, knows nothing? Here are some examples. I’ll share you 2 screen caps of the chat archive that I had with one of those “feeling they own everything, yet they do own nothing” people.

Emphasized in this discussion is the topic domain name. He does not has a domain name and uses a free forum hosting service, comes over, comments that his site is better than Pinoy Teens? Nah nah nah, I don’t think so. He said that he is the owner of darkyahoo dot com, which he definitely isn’t. Why? Find out yourself in the screen shots.

I pity people with that kind of behavior really. But this is not all yet. Have you ever wondered how people get contests running? Ever thought on what to do when no one is interested in your contest? If you are desperate like this guy here, then maybe, creating new users by your own, posting with these accounts and say that they are joining the contest; is exactly the last and final option for you to choose. It’s very informal, and very desperate to do so by the way. If I would be in that place, I’d do something quickly, maybe I’d create a different contest or try to spice it up, but I wouldn’t fake it, just like this one did.

I’ll share another screen shot, a screen shot of the original topic that has been posted on the website of the competition of mine, in this screen shot, you’ll find 2 replies to a single thread, the contest sign up thread, what you’ll also find is the content of the two replies. Containing their competition sign up details and photo links. Now, here’s the catch of the story, the photo links of both applicants/contestants, lead to only 1 photobucket account, and that is the photobucket account of the forum admin. Quiet fishy, huh?

Well, see for yourself

Just a little reminder:
Stay away from that website, all that you’ll get there are topics and replies from only 1 person. I browsed through the whole forum a while ago, and you’ll notice it yourself, how odd all users speak english, just like the forum admin