What’s in a bag?
Aira Lheiz Aquino and Regis Andanar

We from PinoyTeens.net believe that one of the most essential preparations that we must do as a new School Year starts would be choosing the right bag that would accompany us throughout this new journey of learning. Last month, we were able to have to opportunity to visit the Hawk Backpacks Concept Store in Market! Market! Taguig to canvass for the perfect packs that would fit every Pinoy Teen’s liking.

Artsy Fartsy:
Are you one of those students who just can’t keep their hands from doodling whenever an idea pops into your head? Are you one of those savvy teens who are one for detail? If you answered yes to both questions, Hawk backpacks certainly has one of the artsiest collection for you! They have got printed bags – in sizes that range from small to medium, in designs that range from geometric, girly, and even some with vector designs! Having one would not only help you express the artist in you but certainly help your creative juices running 24/7.

Techie Student:
This very stylish bag boasts again the functionality of the Hawk collection, functionality without compromising the aesthetic appeal. It features several zippers, which I like most about Hawk because you can put almost anything everything in their bags and they’ll still be completely safe! As you can see there is also a laptop compartment with its safety features to keep your laptop completely safe from accidental bumps and drops, and with its design less eye-catching it could easily pass as a school bag filled with books and nothing more to thieves.

The Commuter:
This bag again has a lot of space and zippers but what made this perfect for the Pinoy Teen Commuter is that it has a secret compartment at the back of the backpack as shown in the photo. It has two secret compartments where you can put your cellphones, MP3 players and most especially your change so that you do not have to take out your wallet when paying for fare. All you have to do is open the zipper on your back, get your payment without even breaking a sweat but most importantly being safe as well!

Junior Pinoy Teens and Tweens:
A lot of your Ates and Kuyas who are born from 1990-1999 grew up with Hawk’s collection of trolley bags. So why not take part history? Hawk trolley bags range from the box-type ones to the slim-but-safe-for-seating types. Each bag comes with matching lunch boxes, pencil cases, and water bottles. They are made from the toughest material- strong enough to endure our country’s ever-changing tropical climates while keeping your school materials safe from environmental harm. They also have a collection of designs that are fit for girls and boys.
Whether you’re an artsy fartsy, a techie, a street smart commuter, or a junior Pinoy Teen/Tween, Hawk Backpacks certainly has the the right bag that you’re looking for. Another reason why you should really choose Hawk is that each of these high quality bags are 100% Pinoy Made. Didn’t find a bag that suits you from this list? Visit the Hawk Backpacks Concept Store and find your perfect pack! If you’re commuting, you can ride the MRT to Ayala Station and from there, take one of the Global City buses that drops you directly in front of Market! Market!. The store is at the Ground Floor near Sketchers. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/hawkbags