UAAP 72 action continues at the big dome this September 3, 2009! The UE Red Warriors solidified their final four bid after succeeding the UP Fighting Maroons in a tight game with a nine point advantage. Even if the first three slots for the final four bid are taken already, the last couple of game days ain’t be boring, it gets even more exciting, and look how far it gets!

De La Salle upset the Santo Tomas

We can really talk about an upset this time around, La Salle was already crushed out for a final four bid, but there’s still this little chance, this little hope left that they can make it after winning over Dylan’s Growling Tiger team by a four point advantage courtesy of Mangahas who nailed a crucial triple down the stretch to put this game away.

To be honest, it wasn’t the most exciting game to watch, nor did I really enjoyed it. It’s as if there was something, as if there’s something bugging the Santo Tomas five to break out. It’s just been natrocious night for the Tigers and there was no real spark in their play from the get go to the finishing touches in the fourth. Even Dylan wasn’t at his best, I’m not pointing my fingers at someone, nor am I heading into a conclusion, but could there be a conspiracy going on?

Unlikely defeat for the Growling Tigers

I can’t understand why the Growling Tigers have lost this game (note: I’m not a UST Fan), they haven’t really played well from start to finish, even Dylan; like I already mentioned above wasn’t really performing top class. I overheard people talking that there is some sort of deal going on, that UST will drop its final two games while La Salle will do its best to win the rest and have a shot at their final four bid, that, if UST will lose the final two games, which will be a though assignment, especially with one against the red hot warriors from UE and the soaring falcons from AdU.

La Salle will have a hard time picking a win in their next outing, especially when we talk about them meeting and messing around with the FEU Tamaraws. If La Salle is going to upset them, then I may consider pointing back at the issue above. It is very unlikely for them to make it to the final four, but well, good luck however you make it and whatever means you’ll be taking to reach that far.

Yet another Ateneo La Salle meeting?

The Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles sent La Salle to a three game losing streak to start the second round, which has extended to five consecutive defeats all in all leaving them fifth in the over all standing. It is highly improbable to have these two rivals meet again, but it is definitely still possible that a match between these wil occur.

Mangahas awakening

Managahas has risen from the DEAD and nailed a triple to give head them to victory. No excuse really for him not to do so and well, not much credit to him either, because UST wasn’t really playing good. But could this victory spark La Salle to win their next outings? I don’t know. But this should be a wake up call that the Veterans from La Salle do still find their way to the basket.

Ateneo La Salle is a favored match up

The UST Growling Tigers headed by Dylan is really a though team to beat. And there’s no hiding of this fact. Ateneo could’ve easily slipped a match against them, but thanks to Kirk Long it did not happened. An assignment against the Green Archers in the final four would be a easier task to carry for the Blue Eagles and could prove to be their seventh in a row in the UAAP against their arch rivals heading back to UAAP season 71 where the La Salle five bowed four times to them.