On September 26, 2009. The tropical typhoon Ondoy paved over Manila leaving 300,000 Filipinos homeless with nothing. Another typhoon Jacque Bermejo roars on Facebook.

Update: If she knew that it was a hacked account a long time ago, WHY DIDN’T SHE ASKED IT TO BE TERMINATED? Come to think of it, she had ample time to do so, and now, nagpalusot nalang ng ganito? Hindi naman po bobo ang mga pinoy, sorry Jacque, the damage has been done. (Sept 30, 10:15)

Update: If it truly isn’t she, then fine, but I won’t remove the content though. Let’s put it this way, my message is dedicated to whoever posted that status update, if it wasn’t she, then it isn’t for her. (Sept 29, 23:30)

Update: Death toll is up to 200 now. (Sept 29, 15:25)

I’m sorry for not updating the blog these past couple of days, I got stuck with some game that I’ve played all week long, in exception to the side-task that I had this weekend when tropical typhoon Ondoy left more than 300,000 fellow Filipinos homeless (it was on the 26th of September, it was our monthsary). I know how it feels to have someone close to you in danger, because my uncle resides right in the heart of Marikina City, one of the most damaged locations in Luzon where Ondoy has let out his rage.

I should be lucky to have only felt such feeling though, unlike the hundreds of thousand of Filipinos that are homeless right now and seek refuge and help from the more fortunate people, like you and I. I already donated my upcoming Adsense Money (borrowed from my mother, which I’ll repay when my Adsense Cash is here :p). What have you contributed?

If you think what happened to Cagayan de Oro earlier this year was a huge, huge tragedy, then, I don’t know where you’ll classify this kind of disaster that happened in Luzon. The death toll is up to 140 as far as I can remember and the number of still missing people has gone up as well since the last update. I’m totally speechless and find no words to describe the tragedy that has happened to my Kababayan in the Manila Area. I so wish that I could help them, but I think the little donation (my adsense money) is all that I can offer them right now. I have to say, that we, people from Mindanao (Davao in particular) are very lucky to not have experienced such disastrous calamity since decades; as my mother points back to early 90s or so when Davao had pretty much the same experience.

With this, I’d like to encourage all readers of this blog, all the visitors who drop by this post to contribute anyhow to the less fortunate people in Luzon. They are in need of your help. If they’ve needed help before, I just can’t imagine in how dire need of assistance these people are right now 🙁

Tropical Typhoon Ondoy knows no mercy, so do some people

My friend had a very interesting post where he noted a person who stands out from the many others concerned about the situation in Manila, she literally contradicts the human law of nature, the ten commandments and every single law and rule ever existing. (now that was a  lame statement) But it was dedicated to a lame person as well. Would you believe it, that after all the news, pictures and videos scattered on the internet and seen on national television (and probably international channels too), there are these people who just don’t have the heart to feel something for others, no heart, no mercy, no nothing, simple assholes.

Ondoy and Jacque Bermejo know no mercy

Here’s one woman who said:

Backed by another hilarious, (sad to say) human being who said:

Too these two and all people who support their statements, I so hope that you all, most especially Jacque Bermejo and Flex Naval will burn in hell for all eternity forever and ever and ever. I bet that even Satan would’ve been more helpful than all of you in this kind of situation. I wonder what you people would say if you’re in their shoes. Asses! (I really know nothing better to say)

I leave you a link where you can read the whole story about Jacque Bermejo and her fellas, as well as information for places and hot lines for your donations.

Here, for more information

Oh, and I would also like to commend the whole Filipino blogoshpere to stop thinking about money and getting good posts to help the victims 🙂 Disasters can really unite the people, huh?


ps: Two Months ago, when I was still in Legaspi, around the same date a typhoon paved over Manila as well, malas ang araw namin ah 🙁