Take Note that the list of games given below is purely subjective. There may have been a few other great games that came out in 2012 that we either didn’t liked or didn’t play (yet). Anyhow, the games below are definitely worth checking out!

Games, iOS games to be exact… have kept me very busy this year. They have even managed to keep me at bay and away from my blog for most of the time (add to that my lack of motivation to do anything with Pinoy Teens for most part of 2012).

Instead of placing all the blame to all these games that I have played on my 4th gen. iPod touch (and now, 5th gen. iPod touch) – I’m going to recognize my Top 10 Favorite iOS games that I have played for this year.

There’s no real criteria for this list… but generally, what made these games part of the list is the fun factor, and for most part the replay-ability of them, now, given that I’ve sported a 4th gen. iPod touch for most of the year, design and wow-ness of a game isn’t really THAT important for me. Anyways, without further ado, and in random order, here are my 25 favorite iOS game releases for 2012!

  • FIFA 13 – I just love football. Period.
  • GTA: Vice City – My Pentium 4 PC barely managed to run this game (Yes, I was that poor) – but now, I can run it on a 4 inch screen! Amazing!
  • Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy – One of the first games that really WOWed me this year. Sky Gamblers, is and always will be my first love in my return to iOS gaming this year. (I lost my 3rd gen iPod touch a year ago, okay, make that two)
  • Kingdom Rush (iPhone/iTouch) – PvZ, Fieldrunners, Defender Chronicles, Sentinel Defense, you name it, and I’m sure that I’ve played it. Kingdom Rush stands out among all of the Tower Defense games. Why? Check it out yourself.
  • Crazy Taxi – Yet another Old School port of one of the most popular games a decade ago. Sega’s Dreamcast hit, Crazy Taxi plays surprisingly well on iOS and deserves to be on this list no doubt.
  • Minigore 2 – Minigore always seemed to be a decent game to get rid of stress. That is, if you like killing… killing.. killing.. and oh, not to forget blood, as a way of releasing stress. I do though.
  • Rayman: Jungle Run – Apple’s Game of the Year. Definitely one of the best auto-runners/platform games out there right now for iOS. I can only hope that this is just the start of Rayman’s success on iOS.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars – Just like PvZ before Angry Birds, I’ve had quite enough of Angry Birds already. But Angry Birds: Star Wars has won me over once again.
  • Lili – Powered by the Unreal Engine, Lili promises surreal graphics. Not only that, but a relaxing RPG experience on top of it as well.
  • Asphalt 7 – This game is a bargain at .99. Definitely one of the best Racing Games on iOS right now. It would have easily been the best of 2012, had…
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted – this one not popped up so late into the year. Though Need for Speed: Most Wanted seems a little bit like a grind fest, it’s a solid game no doubt.
  • Girls Like Robots – One of the most innovative and unique puzzle games that I have played all year long. Great music, too.
  • Bad Piggies – I was a bit skeptic trying out Bad Piggies at first, given my hate for the Angry Birds series. This game plays surprisingly well. You’ll have a lot of fun customizing your vehicle, or whatever you want to call it.
  • Eufloria – Hands down the best RTS of 2012.
  • Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders – Just like its predecessor, Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders promises nothing short of an amazing plane fight simulation. It’s everything Air Supremacy is, but better (and a bit more old school)
  • Wild Blood – Another game powered by the Unreal Engine. Wild Blood is one of those showpiece apps that I have on my iTouch to showcase to my friends how powerful gaming on iOS has become.
  • McPixel – It’s ridiculously funny and hilarious. Go. Get. It. Now.
  • Dream of Pixels – this game turned out to be everything I hoped EA’s Tetris would be. A great twist to the original game.
  • Mikey Shorts – If my gameboy in the past had Super Mario, my iPod touch has Mikey Shorts. A great Platformer on iOS that every fan of the genre should have.
  • Super Mole Escape
  • Temple Run: Brave
  • Bastion
  • Pudding Monsters
  • The Walking Dead – It’s game of the year across multiple consoles, so why not on iOS as well?
  • Knights of Pen & Paper