In about the next couple of days, you’ll see a lot of changes happening here and on other websites that I am in possesion of, the regular trio composing of me, Princess and Joseph Quin will keep you up on track about the latest entertainment and world issues that you just need to know about. But besides the 2 regular writers that I have got to write during my absence, there’s even more.

My Poetry Site will be opening again, well, the old posts will all still visible but what I mean by re-opened is that the site will be receiving a couple of new posts that will only be posted there.

Other news include the removal of my two sub domains the videos and photos section which will be replaced by Buhay Kabataan dot Com as all that it’ll be containing are those videos and photos while we keep the blog up running here on Pinoy Teens.

The writing style will change as well, as I personally, and the other writers as well wil be trying to deliver you a unique reading experience that you won’t find on any other entertainment website that just copies and pastes their posts from other websites so on and so on.

And, by the way, are we actually a Entertainment Website? No, we’re not. We do not count ot the field of Entertainment, nor do we count to the news and  media sector. We’re something of our own kind, delivering a lot of information, news and views in a style that we want them to deliver, with a twist of personal opinion attached :p

For those who have been awaiting the opening of the new WordPress Tutorial Section, it’ll take me a bit longer than I thought to get things started. School is hindering me to write up the tutorials and work a bit on the WordPress and Blogging Tutorial Page of which side bar needs to be worked on a bit more before it comes out.

Another thing that (I know) a couple of people are curious about is the move to BuhayKabataan.Com, I’m still waiting for the CSS of my friend Runel that I have left him to worked on +pings him+

Once the CSS is in which will make us look more “teen” then we can initiate the transfer and re-open with a brand new face!

But wait, I almost forgot to inform you that there will be a bigger replacement for the Domain Name Contest that we failed to release last October. We are sparing up a few coins for a tour that we have planned a couple of months ago already, and if there will be a few supporters for our idea, then we can come up with even greater prizes than we have available right now. Are you excited? Well, keep watch, stay tuned!