The Hunger Games Official Soundtrack album was released last March 20, 2012 on iTunes. Songs include Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift and other mainstream artist. The Hunger Games is slated to be one of the best movies of 2012.

Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc launched the official “The Hunger Games Soundtrack” on iTunes yesterday. The album has been well received so far by listeners from all around the world.

That’s no real surprise, knowing that the Hunger Games Soundtrack includes performances by mainstream artists like the very popular Taylor Swift and Maroon 5.

All in all, the iTunes mastered The Hunger Games Soundtrack includes 16 songs, along with Digital Booklet (like most album purchases do on iTunes anyway)

### Fitting for the Hunger Games Movie

Listeners say that the album fits perfectly well to the book that they’ve read, and believe it to be even more suitable to the movie that’s to be premiered today. Other listeners though were kind of doubtful having all these mainstream artist performing the songs. Here’s what the reviewer said:

> This soundtrack completely fits the tone of the books and the meloncholy story of the Hunger Games… Oddly, not disappointed. I was worried when I saw so many mainstream artists on the soundtrack. But they captured it perfectly!

***Taylor Swift: “Safe & Sound” and “Eyes Open”**

Country singer/songwriter Taylor Swift has two songs on the soundtrack album. I have to say that both songs really fit well into the story and the book that I have read only until the first couple of chapters – because, sorry, I’m not a fan of *this* book.

You can check out the lyrics for **Taylor Swift Safe & Sound** here.

### Slated to set the standards of Novel to Movie production

Fans of the Hunger Games series are hopeful that the movie will set the standard of future novel-to-widescreen productions. We all know how terribly Hollywood has failed in putting the likes of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief into the cinema – which was very, very far off from the book and distorted the whole timeline which is originally to be followed.

The Hunger Games movie is no doubt one of the most anticipated movies of 2012, leaving the likes of Avengers et al behind its shadows at the moment. Let’s see how well the movie fares tomorrow, shall we? Enjoy the Hunger Games!