This will be the last post that I address to you about the silent re-launch of the Philippine Youth Site, Pinoy Teens Online. If you have read our other blogs, you’ll note how confident Princess and yours truly are when it comes to the resurfacing of this website among the top ones of the Philippines. It is all cheesy talk, it may not make sense to you, but to us it does. That is exactly what we are trying to deliver by posts like these.

You may not realize it now, but the moment in your life will come, when people can’t understand you. There are going to be times when they just don’t want to understand you. But don’t see it from a negative side. That’s exactly what many of you do about us right now, and maybe to other people too.

Have an Open-Mind

Don’t limit your imaginations to what seems real or what is logically correct. Thinking out of the box is more often needed than you could think of. Be open-minded, try to understand others. I know that majority of you feel odd about the fact that people around you can’t understand you.

This change on our website means much to us because, this is how we’ve started it. We started motivating ourselves with the belief that we can be part of the élite websites in the Philippines, and we are not far off. We had nothing but our belief and self-trust when we started this blog, and now on its mere decline in popularity, we are going to build it up on the same foundation again. We reached far beyond boarders of our imagination. That itself was an accomplishment that made us feel more than complete. But the urge for more has captivated us, the urge to be part, one of the witness of Change in the Philippines.

That is why I’m here to present the Philippine Youth Site – Pinoy Teens Online, which, in the past was known as Pinoy Teens Online – Bahay ng Kabataang Pinoy.

After the honor to be a Youth Partner of YES 2009, we came up with the idea to contribute to the SEAChange/Youth Says Community in our own simple ways, in what we do best – blogging. We contributed much to our original goal which was to change how foreigners look at the “Pinoy Teen/s” by ranking well with that keyword and related ones. Leading them to a Youth Site, instead a X-Rated one.

Now is the time that for the PHILIPPINE TEENS MEDIA – Youth Bloggers for Change to change the Filipino Teens perspective about various things, that, through our words and activities that are coming up. I assure you, we’ll make sure that we’ll be one of the active contributors to positive change here in the Philippines…

It sounds far off, and merely impossible to be part of the change, but that is what we like about it. Just like before. Working hard to reach a stage we’ve never explored.

Be part of Pinoy Teens and the Philippine Teens Media, say YES to change!