A lot of people have been asking me how I was able to pull it off, how I managed to handle Pinoy Teens at the young age of 16 up until now…. Sure, it was a tough road, but many people really seem to overrate me for it.

“Managing” of Pinoy Teens wasn’t really my thing. I hate managing and being managed as well… That’s why I don’t really “manage” the people who volunteer to contribute in their own means and ways to the community. People can help out freely as they wish, instead of relying on my command. I want all of us to be at the same level here.

2011 has been more of a solo act at Pinoy Teens though. Indeed, we’ve got a few contributors on board but not many of them seem to be too enthused to write content on any of our blogs… something that’s about to change in 2012, I believe! Even the oldies of our community, say Princess Quin and Izy Mae haven’t been very active. So it was pretty much up to me and up to Princess salan to keep things alive and kicking.

But what has helped us succeed through the years?

WordPress – WordPress has been the one and only blogging tool we, at Pinoy Teens have ever used. We started with it, and we’ll stick to it for as long as it exists!

Quick Cache & DB Cache Reloaded FIX – These are just two of 15 plugins that Pinoy Teens runs, 5 of which are actually just some fancy plugin that are not really needed for our survival. You don’t need dozens of plugins, you just need some that do the job. These are two plugins that do their respective jobs very well!

Eleven2 Web Hosting – Had we not bumped into Eleven2 about 2 and a half years ago, we’d pretty much remain as a website with No Permanent Address, or should I say No Permanent Server. We’ve got kicked numerous of times from various web hosting services because their “shared” plans could not keep par with the our “so popular” and “high traffic” teen site, Pinoy Teens. Thanks to Eleven2, that search for a good hosting company has ended a long time ago! Even during our peak times, take for example the 69,000 visitors on a single day during the Mayweather fight hasn’t shooed us away 🙂 Excellent!

Dedication. Perseverance – You need to be dedicated in what you do, and you need a lot of perseverance to get over the low tides in your blogging life. That’s what has kept the blog alive when things looked pretty bad.

What brings YOUR blog the success it has right now? Tell us your story!

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