If you are a Robi Domingo fan, let me ask you a question. Where you able to vote in the last 10 minutes of the show? If not, then it could be the fault of ABS CBN, we can’t quite figure if they did that intentionally or if it was a system failure, but (what a coincidence and Robi was the only one affected) most people where unable to vote for Robi Domingo in that specific time span, only votes for the other house mates came true. Quite fishy, huh?

But it doesn’t ends here. I know, a lot of people dislike the big winner, so do I; we can’t do a heck about it, that’s what ABS-CBN wants, and we can’t fight their decision. I’m just wondering why they’ve let Ejay win (if they really manipulated the voting). What could be their reason?Maybe because, they won’t get anything from Robi Domingo. Why? Because he will attend his studies and is most likely not to enter showbiz (a very true example to the FIlipino Youth, isn’t he?). That’s why they want Ejay to win. But anyways, “sana” they’ve left Robi get the title and Ejay win the Money in that way everyone would be very very happy, unlike now, a Nationwide disaster is coming up, more and more people are complaining about the voting, more and more people raise their voices against the big winer, Ejay Falcon.

Hold on a second, what does EJay got to make him a big winner? Can you see any similarities in him and in Robi? Robi is a far better guy, everyone knows that very well. What where Ejay’s contribution inside the house to make him Big Winner material? Besides having a lot of TFC Subscribers and Filipino Viewers pity him, he has not done anything better.

ROBIlievers, you, we, can get over this. We’ve done our part and I’m sure that it is not our fault that Robi Domingo did not win. I know, a lot of you tried to vote in the last few minutes and I know also that majority, if not all of those votes did not enter. Around midnight, I received 60 messages (30 each on my sim, around 150 Pesos) from 2331 (I’m a Globe and Sun User) that the voting is closed already. What’s that for a crap?

I do really hope Ejay will learn English if he has any plans for showbiz, I do also hope that people will stop hating him (just hope, I don’t want it to happen haha), for ***s sake. Money is not everything in the world, if that is the only way for him to get his family back, he really has a crappy family.

PBB has become a charity, and I hate it. This has been the worst season ever, and actually the only one to which I actually got hooked into, because of Rona Libby in the first place. Anyways, good luck next time. Ateneans. (for those Ateneans who supported him and Mikee before). It’s not quiet obvious that you guys are meant to hit the 2nd place all the time? Hehe.

Just my 2 cents guys. Reaction? Comment? Just add one below.