I’m supposedly to have all the videos uploaded and ready to be embbed into this article by now, but with these stupid connection problems I do not have any other choice but to hang on until I can upload tomorrow in the morning or at noon when the internet connection is alright again. So for now, I’ll include a few pictures that I’ve gotten from the show earlier yesterday (since it’s the 22nd now XD)

The show was quite nice, though I wasn’t able to pay much attention to it generally, as I had to discuss about this and that with my new friends that I have made. Though still, I’ve got a few precious ones that I’d like to share here with you.

Here’s one for the Ejanatics, a quite good shot that I’ve got from him. But before anything else, I’d like to apologize for the bad shots (in general) because I didn’t had the best position shooting from the 2nd floor with 7 lines of people still in front of me. 😐 Anyways, I hope you’ll like this shot though.

So, moving on. I’d like to share a few pictures for the Robilievers who where unable to attend the show either because they do not live in Davao or just did not got the right time to attend it.

Robi Domingo did also sang and they had a few games played. One for example, wherein Robi Domingo and his partner had to put an apple in between their foreheads and needed to dance without the apple falling down (I know, a lot of girls gonna say that chiq was quite lucky to be the lucky girl who has been picked to be paired up with Robi).

I will post up a third post with all the videos later on this day as I still have to look for a alternative to upload all the videos. My local connection keeps on disconnecting every now and then, thus I may not upload all the videos (who are not quite small in size). Sorry for my lack of interest in delivering to you the event yesterday, I just woke up and it’s now 8:30 in the morning, and I’m still feeling very sleepy and very tired.