A problem has been bugging Mr Kevin Paquet for a couple of days already, or should I say weeks? It started all with a little prank, that turned out to be the cause of a mind-bugging, emotional torment on his side.

Mr Almighty, has caused all this, or should I say he?

Exactly three Saturdays ago (including yesterday’s), Kevin attended a practice with his group mates for their English Musical Excerpt. But instead of practicing for the upcoming year level competition this Wednesday, he messed up, literally.

“Whilst the other boys were busy with ‘something’ upstairs”, he says, “I had something else in mind, to shot a glass or two”. With all his money on the line and lending a few bucks from his school friend Maribel, Kevin decided to buy a Gilbeys Gin, which all of his fellas could enjoy from. His other classmate, Imee prepared the drink. Mixing it up with Grape Juice and has tasted pretty odd, according to him and his friends.

Now, after he took more than 5 cups of the said liquid, he wasn’t really “he”. As he appeared to be drunk and wasn’t the only one in that status, his other friend felt the same way too. The whole group went to a nearby Internet Cafe, and it was there where the whole mess started.

Kevin had this special friend of his, going by the name Leslie. The girl that is causing all the headache for him right now. But everything goes totally to his account. On that day, Leslie was present and accompanied him as he opens the door to Mr Almighty, the guy who is said to be able to answer anything and everything. He answered a few questions to keep the mood cool, yet eventually went too far with some of his questions until it reached the point that Leslie felt offended. And doesn’t wants to talk to him until this very minute we are writing down this post.

The problem now is, that he doesn’t know what he should do, how he should approach that girl. He did not felt this way for a long time. She used to be a good friend of him, but now it turns out that he is starting to feel something for her, which is quite unexplainable. By any wrong move that he could take from now on, it may cost their friendship, and maybe more.

He needs your help, your advice on what he should do with that girl to let her loose the anger and befriend him once again.