I’ve heard quite a lot about Spinnr in the last couple of months. Honestly, I didn’t mind the said music streaming service that much. Now, I’m realizing how big of a mistake it was to have ignored Spinnr for this long.

Given that Spinnr is Smart’s answer to Spotify and other music streaming services out there, it’s no surprise that Spinnr comes with a huge library of songs to listen to. They don’t only offer some of the most popular songs today, but also a huge, huge library of OPM songs – something that the competition doesn’t really focus on.

Spinnr along with Smart have always been strong supporters of OPM, as evident in their support to the annual Phil POP Festivals (and the recent PhilPOP Songwriting tour that started in Davao).

Spinnr – affordable music streaming for everyone

For those not familiar with Spinnr, the service works just like many other music streaming services, even very much like the globally more popular Spotify. If you own a smartphone that runs on iOS or Android, you can download the Spinnr app from the App Store and Play Store, respectively. Spinnr doesn’t only allow you to stream music, save music for offline listening, but you can also purchase .mp3 version of your favorite songs at really affordable prices.

spinnr-ratesSpinnr can be listened to by anyone… there’s just one little catch. Most likely if you want to use Spinnr, it’s best if you do so as a Smart/TNT/Sun/PLDT subscriber. During registration, if not mistaken, you have to enter a Smart/TNT/Sun number to create an account. Of course, it wasn’t a problem for me, because I used my Smart LTE number during registration.

Once registered on Spinnr, you’re greeted with a 15 day free trial of their streaming service. Once your trial is up, you can subscribe to Spinnr’s affordable packages at 7PHP for 7 days, 15 for 15 days and 29PHP for 30 days of music goodness, much cheaper than the (already quite cheap and hyped) Philippine subscription price for Spotify.

There are multiple payment gateways for Spinnr, but the most simple way to pay is via cellphone load if you’re a prepaid user, or charging it to your monthly bill if you’re a post paid subscriber. No need for a credit card! Spinnr allows Smart, Smart Bro, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular to pay for their subscription service quick and easy, emphasizing the need for a Smart/Sun/TNT number once more.

With that slight exclusivity aside,  Spinnr’s packages are definitely far more superior than Spotify. Wherein Globe allows just a certain amount of bandwidth for Spotify with their promos, Spinnr can be enjoyed for merely 7PHP for 7 days unlimited(!) streaming.

I’m still exploring Spinnr a bit more. So far, I can really attest to the fact that Spinnr’s OPM library is far more superior and varied compared to the dull offering of Spotify. (ex. searching Hale on Spinnr gives you almost all albums from the former OPM band, whereas Spotify offers just about 5 songs from them)

Spotify may be one of the global leaders in Music Streaming, but Spinnr is a local music streaming service to be proud of.

What are you waiting for? Try Spinnr.ph now!