Forgive me for not providing any details about the first mass that I’ve attended yesterday, but I was just a bit too busy with  a lot of other things in order to get a noteworthy post out.

We write the 17th of December, 2009. It is 2 in the morning as I called up my girlfriend to come over and join me in attending the Simbang Gabi Mass for the second time around. I know it sounds a bit too early for most of you, but if you could have only seen what we saw the other day, you’d cometo understand wy we needed to make it to Saint Francis this early.

No mistake this time around, the Church looked half empty, half full the moment we took our seat at the left flank of the Saint Francis in Maa (Davao City). But just about ten minutes later, the whole church was filled from the front to the back and from left to right.

I had the chance to sneak a few pictures prior the mass started from outside and the beautiful Christmas lightings that they had to display. I’ve attached them to this post, although I have to admit that they pretty much suck (I’m referring to my pictures with the ugly camera that I used.

I can’t deny the fact that I barely understood the gospel from yesterdays mass, but this time, there’s been no chance that I could miss a thing about what was told to us by the Priest.

The Gospel was notably boring, even the Priest said so and cracked a joke in that way. But that was exactly what it made it so special. A gospel to make us realize that even the boring things, or let’s say the  unimportant things are vital to know about. Aside from this observation that I made, the gospel also tried to let us understand three other points of which the following I look upon as the most vital.

  • Bro is just as human as we all are. His family tree showed dozen of criminals, unrighteous people, etc.

It’s very interesting to note that this is my first article in relation to my experience with Church/Religious activities. Rest assure that this won’t be the last as there are going to be seven more masses to be offered in succession during the coming days. So please don’t bash me for this bad one! :p

P.S: I will try to get in touch with the local church of my barangay here to have them know about Teens.Com.Ph and find ways how we can contribute to our local community with it. We always need to start with something small don’t we?