Senator Dick Gordon may look like the underdog in the upcoming elections. But his strategic, and well, funny way of campaigning has caught the attention of many. He isn’t only saving a lot of money, (unlike some other desperate candidates do), but he is also showing his very hilariously, humorous side.

Presidential candidate Dick Gordon unveils his wacky side with Moymoy Palaboy through a lip synch performance of Disney’s In The Jungle.  I am pretty sure that there is a reason why In The Jungle was the song chosen for that special performance with the senator although I can’t quite fathom it at the moment.

Unknown to many, the senator also has a wacky and playful side.  I have seen the senator in numerous Ateneo UAAP Season 72 games.  An Ateneo alumnus, he would support his Alma Mater’s team with ringside seats cheering passionately.  Although looking serious, Senator Gordon is someone who is really game for the camera if a supporter approaches him for a photo or for an autograph.

During the presidential forum conducted by the Philippine Medical Association, Senator Gordon was one of the only 2 presidential candidates who came (together with Noynoy Aquino).  People expected Gordon to be toppled down by the influential Noynoy but due to Gordon’s wits and conviction in answering the questions, Noynoy had no choice but to scratch his balding head and literally pass the microphone to Senator Gordon thus earning the nods of majority of the medical populace.

Watch Gordon’s VIRAL Youtube Video below