Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson Movie shelved. Additionally, Sarah Geronimo was allegedly nursing her broken heart in Hong Kong.

Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson’s movie might be shelved.

As is known to majority of the public, Gerald Anderson has stopped courting Sarah Geronimo. Yes, as usual, we can all thank Mommy Divine for that.

What hasn’t really made its round so far, is that Sarah Geronimo was allegedly nursing a broken heart in Hong Kong amidst the flooding in Manila last week.

With Sarah Geronimo back in the Philippines, it seems likely that her movie with Gerald Anderson might be shelved. Sure, Sarah Geronimo’s parents won’t be too thrilled about it if Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson will work together in an upcoming movie.

Meanwhile, Sarah is just waiting for John Lloyd Cruz to finish the movie The Mistress, he is doing right now. Then their much awaited third installment will finally start grinding.

Do you think that Sarah and Gerald movie will still see the light this year?