I was supposed to study my lessons tonight, make the final edits for my WordPress & Blogging Tutorials Lifestyle WordPress Theme - soon to be here! Page, and write 5 posts other than this, but I can’t hold myself no longer to share you some good news from yes, the WordPress Blogging World again.

As you know, WordPress has some cool and quality Themes available scattered on the world wide web. Created by famous names like Brian Gardner for example. Brian is the one behind the scene of the Revolution Theme Series that really lifted up WordPress to a new level and gave it that special CMS kick.

I can say that we here at Pinoy Teens are pretty lucky, because we are one of those websites that are running a valid version of one of the Revolution Theme Series, specifically the Revolution Pro Media theme that we’ve won at a contest a couple of months ago. But the emphasis of the Revolution Series is not the center of attention that I want to bring up.

Brian Gardner paired up with yet another Premium Theme Designer from the WP-Elements Premium Theme Series for the creation of yet another batch of exciting WordPress Themes which are aimed to be affordable for everyone out there who hasn’t got even a cent, yes, who hasn’t got even a cent. The new batch of Revolution comes with the Open Source License just like WordPress is, but of course, you can purchase special support for your theme on the website as well, or simply download the theme itself with no support from the authors attached.

This is a great movement that these two former premium theme developers have made and it was quite some shocking news for those who were unable to comprehend everything that they announced in the past couple of weeks. Those who were able to claim a Revolution Theme from the Revolution Theme Series can continue ask support from the Support Forum which has been made available, with lots of active people who are willing to support, even for free or a minimal fee.

You don’t have to worry about your theme because your theme stays unique as it is, the first Revolution Theme Series won’t go open source and will be phased out once the new batch is in, just like it has just been launched a couple of days or hours ago? I’m not exactly sure.

Go, grab your very own touch of the Revolution and WP-Elements taste for free via the new, Revolution Two! 🙂