Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, that’s all that we’ve really bee taking care of in recent weeks, to keep the website alive and the hosting bills green. It’s very far off from the original purpose of this website, aside from the fact that it was meant to kill time and boredom for me.

I dreamed about having Pinoy Teens to be a Youth Site where not only yours truly is going to publish his thoughts and his interested and ideas, but many other Filipino Teenagers, eventually parents who would like to utter their concern to the Filipino Youth, yet that idea from my present stand points is very much far fetched, and my haters might consider me a effin’ dreamer for what I have in mind.

Yet, I have made it this far, and I know that I can make it further.

I am thankful to everyone who believes in what I can do with blogs and with websites, people who are honest enough to say that I have got talent and don’t doubt me, I also appreciate all the negative responses that I get stoned with that inspire to even further excel and prove the critics wrong.

The writers who have been helping me unconditionally on Pinoy Teens, the staff, and of course, the Loyalistas way back from the forum that existed in 2007.

We’ll move on, and continue what we’ve started, being a website by the youth, for the youth.